Applying Eyeliner


Applying eye makeup especially eyeliner will be easy if you will just look at different techniques from various makeup bloggers. You can eventually learn a lot. Not only you can learn applying, but you could also learn which products are the good ones as makeup bloggers have suggestions of what you can try to use. There are mostly several tips and tricks which even the most experienced ones could also learn from its benefits.


Here are some tips when you apply eyeliner.


First you must have the right colors of eyeliner stickies. Normally, you would be wearing three different shades in one. They light, medium and dark shades that would all go in various areas. Medium would go on the lid, then you have the light one on the top and the dark would be in the crease of your eyelids. Color must be picked from the same category, like the browns and blues. A good tip from makeup bloggers is that you must use the shades of eye shadow which would go with your eye color or of the wearer so that it would enhance them.


Then you must have the base and highlights done. You can learn doing this from makeup bloggers as well. You must first start with the lightest shade then swirl the shadow brush in the makeup and just sweep it on your eyelid. Then you bend the shadow gently to the corner of your eye, it must be away from it. After that, have some loose powder brushed underneath the eye just below your lashes for the loose specks to be picked up. Then use a primer if you want and apply the highlight in the corners. This is for you to have effects on eye-opening and could also define your eyes.


Then you have the applying of eyeliner. Most of the makeup bloggers would recommend you to put the tip of your liner pen or pencil as near as you can to the lash line on your upper lid and then you slowly draw a smooth line starting from the middle to the outside corner and this will be a perfect start.


You could then extend the eyeliner a little outside of the corner from there and that is why it is called the wing tip. If you want to learn more about eyeliners, you can visit


You can buy online many makeup starter pack and have your own winged eyeliner tape. You can also see many winged eyeliner tape being sold online for beginners and you could simply use that for applying eyeliner.